Terms And Conditions

Terms And Condition

By accessing HIP’s website, you agreed to the following terms & conditions, reign over the use of services through mobile application and website, including any content or functionality offered through HIP. You are requested to read these terms & conditions carefully before proceeding to the site access. Users are bound to accept terms regarding the services that can be availed & accessed by employers & resources. In case of any query, feel free to contact HIP’s customer support service.

Key Terms


Users eligible to offer services on HIP.


Agreement between resource & employer once the purchase will be made through HIP.


Any Service offered in a detailed form and with a defined price tag for the ease of employer by the resource.

Customer Officer

An authorized representative of HIP responsible for addressing all the queries inquired by our users.

Eligibility Criteria

You won't be eligible to access the site

  • If not able to form a legal agreement
  • If under the age of 15 or below
  • An individual banished from accepting and delivering services under Pakistan’s laws or another suitable location is not eligible to avail of this site’s services.
  • All free user accounts are related to people. Login credentials ought not to be shared by users with anyone. Any user holding an account will be held responsible for all the activities performed through the account.
  • Subject to our laws, a user above 18 is eligible to create either an employer account or a resource account. If you share any misleading or false data about services or individuals themselves, we will have the right to terminate accounts.
  • HIP under its utmost discretion, have the right to refuse to register any individual or entity as a User.
  • You can't transfer or assign any rights or commitments you have under these terms without prior written consent.


HIP is all about helping resources to leverage their skills. We craft equal opportunities for resources with helpful tools to empower them . Those who invest in self-promotion may achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Top Level Resource

  • HIP incorporates a team of editors who entitles top rating on resource levels after reviewing volume of sales, high rating scale, customer care and high order completion.
  • HIP retains the right to change a Top Rated resource status in light of such evaluation.

Payment Collection

  • HIP has the right to collect & hold payments from the employer on the behalf of resources. Once the project is approved by the employer we will transfer the retained amount to our resource account immediately.
  • We work like an intermediary between employers and resources, which makes us eligible to charge a commission of 50% of the total amount received by the resource from the employer.
  • In case you have been approached to accept an alternative payment method that sounds unlawful to our terms of payment, you are requested to report it immediately to Customer Support here.

Handling Orders

  • Resources get notified through emails and on site when an employer needs the service according to their skills.
  • Resources must meet the delivery time as mentioned in their task. If the resource fails to meet the requirements specified in a profile, it can harm the top rating or level of the resource on the site.
  • Resources are bound to share the complete files along with proof (if required) to the employer, incomplete tasks/projects will be marked incomplete.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

  • Content posted through the site by our resource is referred to as User Generated Content. HIP does not check user-generated content for violations of copyright, trademarks, and other rights of violations. However, in that case, resources shall be held responsible for the consequences.


Employers may request a specific service offered by the resource on HIP. Services requested on HIP must be allowed & active on the website, please review our website to know about approved services.

Payments & Refunds

  • HIP strictly prohibits the exchange of payments between resources & employers directly or even through any channel outside of the HIP.
  • After placing an order, the employer will dispatch the decided amount immediately.
  • Your satisfaction & approval matters alot! Hence to assure you perfection we retain the amount decided between employer & resource that will be dispatched only if you are satisfied with the resource work.

Orders & Delivery

  • Once payment is dispatched, you will be provided a unique order ID number.
  • Order will be marked as complete only when employers accept it. In case of no response from the employer side, order will be automatically marked as complete within 3 days.
  • In case of late deliveries & any other issue related to the employer project, you will have the option for pay back or refunds. In such a condition, feel free to contact our customer support service.

Reviews Or Feedback

  • Resources get notified through emails and on site when an employer needs the service according to their skills.
  • Reviews & feedback given by employers while finishing an Order are a fundamental part of HIP's evaluating framework. Surveys exhibit the employers' general involvement in the resources and their services. However, employers are urged to communicate with resources during their active orders with respect to the services given by the resource.
  • Feedback comments of employers will be published publicly on the seller's Profile page, and if the comments contain any harm to our terms & conditions or community standards, they will be removed immediately.

User Conduct & Protection

HIP empowers individuals worldwide to create an account, offer services, sell and purchase almost any services they need to expand their business reach. The variety in offered services of HIP reflects the diversity of the growing economy. We incorporate a friendly & welcoming environment for both parties to ensure transparency with professionalism.

  • Users are requested to hold that spirit while participating in any activity or extensions of the HIP.
  • In order to protect users' privacy, we keep the identities anonymous. In case of any request about providing our users' email addresses, telephone numbers, or any related personal data, we are not permitted to share or disclose them.
  • Any essential exchange of personal data required to continue a service shall be exchanged within the Order Page.
  • The HIP is not responsible for protecting users' data or any information shared outside of the platform.
  • All the required information and file exchange must be made exclusively on HIP’s platform.
  • To report an infringement of our terms of service and our community standards, user misconduct, or inquiries concerning your record, contact our customer support group here.
  • However, our privacy terms & policies to protect an individual's dignity reign over the expected conduct of users’ practices while interacting with each other.

Disputes & Terminations

In case of any conflict between employer & resource, we at HIP encourage parties to sort out the conflict between themselves. If, for any reason, they are unsuccessful in resolving the issue for any reason, both the parties who are tangled in conflict can contact HIP’s customer support bureau for assistance.

In regards to violation of any non-permitted usage of the site that includes inappropriate behavior & language, phishing & spam, privacy & identity, multiple accounts, fraud/illicit accounts or exchange of pornographic materials & services, or any misleading content that violating our community standards, being a user, you are bound to report us through channels included in our terms & services. After reviewing thoroughly, our safety team formulates strict action if the party is found guilty to safeguard the user’s privacy. For further details, you are requested to review our privacy policy here.

Disclaimer Of Guarantees

Your site’s utilization, content, and services acquired through the site is at your own risk. The site, its content, and any service or items obtained through the site are given on a "with no warranties" and accessible without warranty claim. Neither HIP nor any individual related to HIP makes any warranty or represents himself for the fulfillment, security, credibility, quality, or accessibility of the site.

The prior doesn't influence any warranties which can't be rejected or restricted under the terms & conditions.

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